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Family & Children’s Service Awarded $8 million to Support ACA Outreach and Enrollment

NASHVILLE, TENN.— Sept. 1, 2021Family & Children’s Service (F&CS) was awarded the largest federal grant in its history this week. The Nashville-based nonprofit received nearly $8M in funding to use over the next three years to support its Affordable Care Act (ACA) outreach and enrollment work. The majority of this work is done through F&CS’ initiative to connect Tennesseans to healthcare access.

This is a big expansion of funding for this program, and is especially notable in the wake of the current pandemic and increasing awareness around healthcare coverage needs.

The GetCoveredTenn Coalition, which is composed of more than 400 community-based partners statewide, will target all 621,500 uninsured consumers in all 95 Tennessee counties. The project will expand services and activities in the Middle and Southern regions of Tennessee and create new services and activities in Western and Eastern Tennessee.

“This kind of federal grant allows us to make a significant impact across the state,” said Michael McSurdy, CEO of F&CS. “We will be creating a statewide coalition, which means harnessing established and new relationships with local social service and healthcare providers and hospitals throughout Tennessee. We will bring our resources and experience to these cities, but the local experts will drive what works best for the specific communities in which they operate. This is what we have found works best. It isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ approach. But for sure spreading the resources, knowledge, and funding around will assure our success and the success of all our Tennessee communities.”

“We are ecstatic that such an excellent, well-regarded organization like Family and Children’s Service received this funding for such vital work in helping uninsured Tennesseans access health coverage,” said Brian Haile, CEO of Neighborhood Health Business Office.  “F&CS is uniquely positioned to make the largest possible impact, and we are celebrating the news they will receive this funding.”

As Lead Applicant, Family & Children’s Service, along with approximately 400 named partners, will perform the cooperative agreement activities in partnership with three 501(c)3, community and consumer-focused, non-profit organizations that will be paid subcontractors under this cooperative agreement. F&CS plans to spread funding resources throughout the state, as indicated by the map and chart below:

GetCoveredTenn Navigator Subrecipients (Primary Partners)

  1. Matthew Walker Comprehensive Health Center
  2. Cherokee Health System
  3. Appalachian Mountain Project Access




Region Name and Number


Eligible Uninsured Uninsured % # of Navigator FTE Proposed*
Greater Memphis Region 1 116,800 13% 3
Northwest Region 2 25,900 13% 1
Southwest Region 3 25,100 13% 1
Northern Middle Region 4 144,500 9% 8
Southern Middle Region 5 45,700 12% 1
Upper Cumberland Region 6 33,800 12% 1
Southeast Region 7 67,300 13% 2.5
East Region 8 108,900 11% 3.79
Northeast Region 9 53,500 13% 3
Totals 621,500 11% 24.29


Family & Children’s Service currently has contracts with HHS, SAMHSA, OCJP, TN Department of Health, TN Department of Children’s Services, TN Department of Human Services, and the United Way, among others. F&CS has been an HHS-CMS Navigator grantee since 2015. Prior to 2015, F&CS was a Navigator subrecipient, and we were a founding partner in launching ACA outreach and enrollment efforts in our state.

About Family & Children’s Service

Family & Children’s Service (FCS) serves all people in crisis and transition by meeting them where they are, understanding their needs, and connecting them to the resources they need. FCS often ‘fills in the gaps’ in social services, creating a safety net to ensure that all children and families can be safe and healthy. Each year, FCS provide services to more than 50,000 Tennesseans. FCS’ mission is to connect individuals and families to hope, to healing, and to one another. Founded in 1943 by volunteers who helped find adoptive homes for children orphaned during WWII, FCS is one of Nashville’s oldest and most venerated nonprofits. Throughout its history, FCS has focused on the most vulnerable children and families, adapting its services to meet the changing needs of the community. For more information go to and/or

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