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Health Assist | Healthcare in Tennessee

If you are a Tennessee resident who is uninsured or underinsured, Health Assist at Family and Children’s Service can help you access healthcare services by providing the necessary information and referrals to low-cost community services.

Health Assist Specialists can assist people with the following needs:



  • Finding a medical home or primary care doctor
  • Finding free or low-cost medications
  • Finding community mental health services
  • Providing information and eligibility counseling for state and federally-funded insurance programs (TennCare, CoverKids, ACA Marketplace insurance plans)



  • Assist with needs not covered by insurance, such as pregnancy, dental, eyeglasses, and prescription medications



  • Screen for Medicare Savings Programs (QMB, SLMB) and explain the benefits
  • Help with finding free or low-cost medications
  • Provide referrals for help with selecting Part D plans for medication 
  • Insurance counseling for comparing Advantage Plans vs. traditional Medicare  


Health Assist services are offered at no cost to any Tennessee resident, and have dedicated phone lines in English, Spanish, and Arabic/Kurdish. Your health is your priority regardless of your financial or insurance status. Allow Health Assist to be a dependable resource to help you navigate today’s complex healthcare system. Contact us today to get started.


English: 615-313-9972

Spanish: 615-227-7568

Arabic/Kurdish: 615-313-9840