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TennCare and CoverKids Renewals

Every year TennCare is required to make sure people on TennCare are still eligible. This is called renewal, redetermination, or reverification. After being on hold for three years, TennCare has started renewals again. Most people on TennCare will go through renewal sometime between April 2023 – April 2024. 

It is important that every household’s address is up to date with TennCare so that they receive the information about their renewal.

GetCoveredTennessee can help people who are going through TennCare renewal. We can help with:

    • Updating addresses in the TennCare system
    • Finding out a family’s renewal date 
    • Filling out and submitting renewal packets
    • Submitting additional information requested by TennCare
    • Reapplying for TennCare or transitioning to Marketplace for people who have lost coverage

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