Assistance and advice for the Affordable Care Act

ACA Certified Navigators provide free, unbiased guidance about health insurance options available through GetCoveredTenn.

They are funded through federal grant funds and must complete comprehensive federal Navigator training, criminal background checks, and state training and registration (when applicable), prior to assisting consumers.

Main duty of Navigators

  1. To facilitate enrollment in qualified plans.
  2. To distribute fair, impartial information about enrollment in qualified plans and about the availability of premium tax credits and cost-sharing assistance in the exchange.
  3. To conduct public education about the availability of qualified health plans.
  4. To refer people who need help resolving a problem with their health plan or with their premium assistance to a consumer assistance or ombudsman program or to another appropriate agency that can help with a grievance or appeal.
  5. To provide information in a culturally and linguistically appropriate manner to the population being served by an exchange.

How to connect to a Navigator

  • Call our toll-free number 1-866-475-7879, to schedule an appointment with a Navigator. Our trained Healthcare Specialist will screen you and schedule an appointment for you based on your need and availability with a Navigator.
  • You can schedule your own appointment by clicking on Schedule an Appointment button on the home page.

You can choose a phone appointment or in-person appointment, then your region.  Once the booking page is open, you will select service.  TennCare/CoverKids Phone appointment or Marketplace Phone Appointment and then you will choose date and time based on your availability.

How can Navigators help

Our federally certified Navigators provide free, unbiased guidance on health insurance options available through the Marketplace, Medicaid (TennCare), and the Children’s Health Program (CoverKids).

Our Navigators can help with Marketplace application process through website. Here are the steps:

  • Create an account.
  • Complete and submit Marketplace application.
  • Identify and explain eligibility result.
  • Inform consumer about all available insurance plans
  • Assist consumer choose a plan and enroll
  • Upload documents if requested by the Marketplace
  • Refer client to other consumer assistance programs
  • Assist with Medicaid (TennCare) or CHIP (CoverKids) enrollment which is open all year-round.

Navigator provide the following services to anyone enrolled in the ACA;

  • Assist with date-matching issue
  • Educate consumers about eligibility and insurance appeal process
  • Educate consumers about their coverage and how to use it
  • Assist with billing and payment questions
  • Assists consume update information on application; income change, address change, removing or adding depended on the application and more.
  • Obtain Marketplace tax forms (1095-A)
  • Assist with Marketplace or insurance coverage appeal

What information do I need to complete my application?

  • If you already have Marketplace account, have your username and password ready.
  • If you do not remember your account information, we can help you reset your password or you can call the Marketplace at 1-800.318.2596 to reset your password.

To submit new application, you will need:

  • Email address
  • Information about your household
  • Home and/or mailing addresses for everyone applying for coverage
  • Information about everyone applying for coverage
  • Social Security Numbers (SSNs) for everyone on your application
  • Information about the professional helping you apply, if any
  • Immigration document information (this only applies to lawfully present immigrants)
  • Information on how you’ll file your taxes
  • Employer and income information for everyone in your household
  • Your best estimate of your household income
  • Health coverage information (this only applies if anyone in your household currently has a health plan)
  • Employer information for each person in your household